Plezier Climbing Frame being installed in North London

installation of Plezier climbing frame

Our timber climbing frame ┬áthe ‘Plezier’ being installed in north London today will be finished by the end of the day ready for wetpour surfacing.

Climbing frames are an integral part of childrens play and have been for many years although it is only in recent years that school playgrounds have received the attention that used to be reserved for parks and public play areas.

Metal used to be the answer for longevity although with todays modern timber treatments it is easy to get long service out of wooden playground equipment.

With FSC sourced timber we also have peace of mind that the forests are being replenished, so not only do we get a more natural play area we also help the environment. Metal climbing frames will always have there place but wooden climbing frames are much softer on the eye and allow us to create great playgrounds! Wooden climbing frames are also very adaptable having the advantage of being easily adjusted to fit restricted areas.

Finish off your climbing frame with a fireman’s pole, cargo net, slide, tunnel or climbing wall. The options for climbing frame fun are endless.

climbing frame partially installed

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