Sand Play

PMD lockable sandpit

We all have memories of playing in sand. Sand and namely ‘sandpits‘ are an important part of learning not only for their fun factor but there ability to help children interact. A confined space like a sandpit is a place where children HAVE to get on. Sandpitsare a great addition to playgrounds for lessons and playtime fun.

Think carefully about what type of sandpit will suit your needs. The bigger the better you may think? Well yes, that sounds good in principal however consider the fact that the bigger it is the harder it is to cover. So it doesn’t need covering? It is best to cover the sandpit because cats are renowned for using the sandas a litter tray and the last thing the school or public play area needs is to have children risking infection from cat litter.

The way forward…Covered sandpits!

Covered Sandpits are superb and come in different shapes and sizes to suit differing amounts of children.

So consider covered sandpits for your playground

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