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Plezier Climbing Frame

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Product Specification


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Installation Time:
4 Days

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Critical Fall Height:

Built in accordance
with BS EN 1176-1-2008

Play Type:

This tremendous natural looking climbing frame is ideal for larger groups of younger children full of varied activities to keep them entertained. Platform heights vary making it suitable for children of differing ages to use the parts they are comfortable with. The Plezier is playground equipment with multiple uses.

Included in this FSC sourced Swedish redwood pressure treated timber climbing frame:
1 x double lane slide, 1 x single lane slide, climbing net, firemans pole, climbing holds wall, 1 x bubble panel, 1 x driving test panel with head thru and mirrors, post office ‘head thru’ panel and a pirates face panel.

If you like the style of this climbing frame but have other ideas for play panel choices or other accessories, please call our friendly Sales Team on 01477 533555 to talk through your play areas needs.

Size: 7475mm x 5945mm L Shaped, Safety surface required (not included in price) 74.5m2

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