4 Way Hopscotch

TMG001-4L-4-Way-Hopscotch-Larg product image.
TMG001-4L-4-Way-Hopscotch-Larg product image.TMG001-4L-hopscotch-playground-marking
VariantCodeSizePriceAdd to Quote
4 Way Hopscotch LargeTMG001-4L6m x 6m£440.00
4 Way Hopscotch OutlineTMG001-4O6m x 6m£380.00
4 Way Hopscotch SmallTMG001-4S4.5m x 4.5m£400.00


The 4 way hopscotch is approximately 6m x 6m in size and is build from a variety of solid coloured thermoplastic squares with each arm of the hopscotch being numbered from 1 to 10 using preformed white digits.