Bat Roost Shelter

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PMD’s bat roost is suitable for  Pipistrelle species and  Whiskered/Brandt’s bats.

Construction – A timber frame supported on four 150 mm square x 2.5 metre high timber posts secured in concrete with a slate roof beneath which, loose fitting traditional bitumen underfelt is installed to provide typical places for bats to crawl behind. A loft, to dimensions of 6 metres long x 4 metres wide with headroom from loft floor to ridge of 2.5 metres, without timber trusses to allow unrestricted flight for Whiskered/Brand’s bats.  The fascia comprise of Elm cladding lapped horizontally with gaps of 15 – 20 mm to allow access for crevice dwelling bats. On both roof pitches a bat slate is fitted along with two ridge vent tiles which provide additional roosting opportunities.  An access hatch is fitted for ecologists to monitor the activity.

(Concrete pad pictured not included in quoted price. Price includes fitting Bat roost)


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