Playtime is an extremely crucial time for children, especially towards improvement of their social skills, it is the time of a child’s education that is most enjoyed by them. Playtime goes a long way in encouraging the overall growth and development of a child. Most children love playing and it is very easy for them to interact in a way that they like too. Just as education plays a central role in the life of children, playtime is equally as important and significant.

Remember the good old days when it was safe to play in the street, letting your children out to play without having to worry about the possible dangers that are involved today. In those days, children played games with each other such as hopscotch, skipping, wall football and wall tennis. In the current day and age the amount of traffic on roads and traffic in general has greatly increased with parents being very wary of child safety. Very few children use this old fashioned form of outdoor play and instead have had their playtime substituted for indoor play losing some of the ability to develop their social skills. Playground markings can recreate these experiences in a safe, enjoyable way while adding a modern aspect to them so they appeal to today’s more expectant child.

Variations of traditional hopscotch and other playground floor marking games are also extremely useful for encouraging children to get outside into the playground and be more active. With competition from television shows, cartoons and the ever popular computers and video games consoles, children need a little more encouragement nowadays to get out and play games in the safe environment of a playground. Playground markings can include popular board games such as snakes and ladders where instead of using counters you use people. These promote social interaction among children, and are a great way to teach young children to get along with each other and to take turns, not forgetting the most important thing – to have fun.

Traditional hopscotch has been around for many years and can be played by children of any age from small to large. Toddlers can learn and improve their balance and even adults can join in and have fun on a brightly coloured set of hopscotch squares or other floor markings. Hopscotch and other floor markings were drawn out with coloured chalks and washed away when the rain came. Today, the markings are permanent and will give enjoyment and exercise to children for many years.

Counting skills are easily taught using number snake floor markings or caterpillar floor markings, making the acquisition of these skills both fun and educational. Many children learn best through kinetic activity and using playground markings with numbers can embed number bonds into children’s brains, thus giving them a life-long grounding in maths basic skills. The colourful nature of playground markings also appeals to the visual learner.

Other learning experiences can be addressed through playground markings by using different patterns. Letters can teach the alphabet. Both letters and numbers can teach grid references. Compass points can be marked onto the ground. The possibilities are endless. This type of playground marking is perfect for active and imaginative play in a safe environment. Social skills, number and letter skills, imagination and activity are more of the benefits from Playground markings. For a relatively inexpensive outlay, the benefits to children are enormous and if you want to give an extra helping hand towards a child’s growth, enabling them to learn and develop in an innovative way, playground markings can actually help you to achieve that.

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