Ok so what is wetpour? Wetpour looks like tarmac although it can come in many different colours including the usual black.

So your builder has suggested that they lay the wetpour safety surface, well stop right here and think!?! Wetpour is a specialist surface with too many variables to mention, it really isn’t the kind of material that anyone can just say ‘I will do that for you!’ Next thing you know the builder has his cement mixer whirring away pouring in granules and glue and hey presto you end up with a surface which is never going to last. You see the thing is wetpour uses a binding agent which is weather dependent, each of these ‘glues’ are designed to work in particular climates.

The last thing anyone wants is a curled up play surface due to shrinkage within a few months of it being installed or a safety surface that breaks up due to not enough binding agent being added.

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