FREE Mile a Day Trail with Orders over £2000!

We’re currently offering all customers who order playground markings installations over £2000 a FREE Mile a Day trail, worth £500! This is a great time to order your playground markings through us, as you get a trail that encourages pupils to take part in a mile of running or jogging each day.

We believe that starting in childhood is the best time to promote a lifetime of physical activity, enabling healthy lifestyles and habits far into the future! That’s why we’re currently offering all installations over £2000 (excluding VAT) a free Mile a Day trail marking for free.

These markings are great for your school as it encourages pupils to get active, and gives your school the chance to make it a vital part of the day for all pupils! It also helps your school to give a better impression to prospective pupils and parents, showing the school is invested in the health and fitness of current and future pupils. The markings are vibrant and last for years, typically up to eight times longer than paint. Having an established route marked out for the mile keeps it safe, as potential dangers can be avoided, and thermoplastic markings help to make it permanent (as well as easy for the staff!) without anything getting in the way.


What’s the Mile a Day all about?

Various initiatives have been created to encourage children to run for 15 minutes each day, giving most children the chance to complete a mile of running. Equipment is not required, but playground marking trails make the activity easier and more engaging for pupils and teachers. This enables children to take care of their health and improve fitness, as well as learning in the classroom after 15 minutes of exercise, meaning many schools may find it a vital part of their curriculum and daily routine.

The activity makes exercise a social activity for the children, letting them expend energy with their friends, in a fun environment. To improve fitness over time, individuals can attempt to run further each day, or try to reduce the time it takes to run the full mile, however each child decides to improve – the emphasis is on moving forward along the track for the full 15 minutes, not completing the mile!


What does our Mile a Day trail include?

To help promote healthy lifestyles, we’re giving away a Mile a Day trail, which includes 50 multicoloured footprints, a ’10 laps = 1 mile’ (or equivalent) marking, a Mile a Day logo, and start and finish point markings for the trail – we designed it this way as it stops the mile feeling like a race.

This offer is currently running for all schools getting their playground markings installed in term time and will end on Friday 29th October 2021.

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