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Are you are looking to build a completely new playground or just upgrade an existing area? Well we have the product range to match your needs. We manufacture and install everything from classic playground equipment such as swings, slides and climbing frames, to thermoplastic playground markings and sports equipment. We also offer all of the 'finishing touches' to complete your playground with products such as indoor and outdoor furniture, fencing, shelters, instruments and top-notch security features.
At Playground Markings Direct, we take health and safety concerns very seriously. All of our playground equipment is designed and manufactured to British Standards and will be installed by our experienced team of installers.

Browse our selection of playground equipment below, or by using the navigation at the top of the page. And, if you have any questions or queries, contact us on 01477 533 555 and speak to a member of our sales team for any information that you need.

Playground Markings

Playground Markings are a fantastic addition to any play area.

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Creative Play

Creative playground equipment will inspire your children.

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Outdoor Equipment

Our outdoor range of playground equipment helps children to develop their learning abilities through imaginative play and encourages social interaction.

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Playground Furniture

We offer a wide range of playground furniture and equipment. Our products will meet all of your storage and playground seating needs.

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Playground Surfaces

Playground surfacing is vital for safety with a lot of playground equipment.

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Fencing and MUGAs

Fencing is important in keeping your playground equipment secure.

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Arts, Displays, Signs

Essential indoor art accessories and products to assist arts and craft.

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Shelters and Stages

Shelters will keep your children safe from the environment.

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Sports and Fitness

Exercise is very important for the young ones, so make sure they get what they need with our sports and fitness range. They'll be keeping fit before you know it!

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