About us

Here at Thermmark we are constantly working on the most extravagant, nutty, exciting new designs. After all, the children are our biggest consumers so we’re always keeping up to date with the latest craze. Please may I order a rainbow unicorn? Yes you can!

It’s a good job our driven team love to work on new bespoke projects. And we really do….no HONESTLY we do! Nothing motivates our design team more than to create the most unique playground markings, it’s outrageously entertaining for us! We love it! Our in-house technology allows us to feed all this and keep up with the demands, we like to make sure we are at the top of the game with the most efficient machinery, allowing us to create flexible designs and meet the most unrivalled lead times.

The process?!

We understand that you’re busy, here at Thermmark we aim to make the process from beginning to end as simple as possible for you! For this reason, we provide a personal journey from the initial quote through to installation. At each point of the process one of us will be guiding you through helping to squash any concerns or queries you may have, bombard us with anything! We want to help with meeting your budgets, creating playground plans, looking at your dimensions, arranging your install, singing you a song….whatever you need! Just tell us!


What is thermoplastic?

We produce our own preformed thermoplastic markings; it is made from a combination of resins, glass, oil, and pigments, which are extruded in a sheet form. We use high-tech waterjet cutting machines to cut out the markings from these sheets and then they are applied to tarmac or concrete surfaces by heating the pre-cut designs and shapes with a gas torch.

Are thermoplastic markings slippery?

Our thermoplastic has been tested for slip resistance in accordance with BS 7188 and received results of: Slider 96 (Designed to represent walking bare foot)- Dry: 69 Wet: 63 Slider 55 (Designed to represent walking with a standard rubber soled shoe) - Dry: 100 Wet: 84 The thermoplastic markings will vary in how slippery they are, depending on the surface they have been installed onto, but the slip-resistance should improve with use. Should you think you need to improve the slip-resistance, sand can be applied to the surface.

How do we keep them fresh?

Brush the markings with soapy water using a hard bristled brush.

Do they require any upkeep?

The markings can be kept clean as stated above. We recommend periodic visual checks to ensure there is no breakage or damage to the markings, but otherwise they are very low maintenance!

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