Fairytale Trail

  • Anti Slip - High Friction
  • Non-Toxic Lead Free

The Fairytale Trail is an exciting new marking which incorporates almost every aspect of education from fitness to mathematics!

Take the children through this enchanted trail with each exhilarating station, this begins with our ‘Unicorn Run’ where the children will run through our 3 metre rainbow run. This will then take you to our ‘Spelling Fairy’ where children must ‘cast a spell’ by chalking in missing letters to complete the spellings, once this has been completed you will arrive a tour ‘Phonics Prince and Princess’ with our 18 phonics speech bubbles! You will then take a leap onto our fun and quirky ‘Toadstool Hopscotch’ which will take you on to the ‘Knight’, can you solve the sum to reach our magical ‘Castle’?!

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Dimensions 6 x 7.2m