Mr Wolf

  • Anti Slip - High Friction
  • Non-Toxic Lead Free

What time is it Mr Wolf? Dinner time! 4 person version of this playground game is a great way to keep kids active at play time. The Mr Wolf game can be varied to accommodate as many players as you require and will surely be a playtime favourite.



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Get ready to howl with excitement with our Mr. Wolf playground marking! This game is perfect for kids of all ages and is guaranteed to provide entertainment every playtime!

The game starts with the wolf standing on one end of the marked area, while the other players stand on the opposite end. The players then shout out, “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?” and the wolf responds with a time, such as “It’s 3 o’clock.” The players then take three steps forward. This continues until the wolf responds with “Dinner time!” and chases after the other players to tag them. The game continues until all players are tagged or reach the safe zone.

Our Mr. Wolf marking is a fun and colorful addition to any playground or outdoor space. It provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions for the game, so players can quickly learn how to play and start having fun. Plus, as with all our durable and long-lasting designs, you can count on the marking to stay bright and vibrant for years to come.

Playing Mr. Wolf has many benefits for children, including improving their balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. It also promotes socialisation and teamwork, as players work together to avoid getting tagged by the wolf.

Our Mr. Wolf marking is a fun and exciting addition to any playground or outdoor space. It provides a new twist on the classic game of tag, and its bright and colourful design is sure to capture the attention of children of all ages. So why settle for a boring playground when you can add a touch of excitement with our Mr. Wolf marking?

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Dimensions 3.75 x 3.75m

Lines, Standing Footprints, Stepping Footprints