Piggy In The Middle

  • Anti Slip - High Friction
  • Non-Toxic Lead Free

Our Piggy in the Middle game is installed as a multi coloured thermoplastic playground marking. Each player stands on the solid discs and passes a ball whilst trying to avoid the player in the middle. This type of playground marking promotes teamwork and develops coordination skills.

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Get ready to go hog wild with our Piggy in the Middle marking! This classic playground game is a fun and exciting addition to any playground or outdoor space. Up to eight players can join in on the action, trying to keep the ball away from the piggy in the middle and passing it back and forth to other players. Our vibrant and durable marking ensures that the game stays fun and exciting for years to come, no matter how many times the ball gets thrown around. Add a piggy in the middle marking to your playground and have a pig-tastic time! Get ready to squeal with delight and join in on the fun today! Don’t forget to invite your friends to join in on the fun, because with Piggy in the Middle, the more, the merrier!

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Dimensions 3 x 3m